Your participation in one of the excursions of MARIOS TRAVEL AGENCY, is a contract between you and the General tourism office MARIOS TRAVEL AGENCY.
The following general terms and conditions form an integral part of this contract.

    Our office acts as an intermediary between the clients / travelers and the various service providers that it uses to organize the trips (transport companies, airlines, hotels, local travel agencies, etc.) over which it has no direct control. It is self-evident that our office does not bear any responsibility for anomalies that are not due to its fault or that are due to the fault of the above service providers or by their nature it is impossible to predict and deal with them. Such cases are theft, loss, damage to luggage and various items, loss of money and travel documents of travelers, etc. Of course, our office when dealing with the above cases makes every effort in the best possible way to serve travelers.
    Our Office is responsible and makes every effort for the full and perfect execution of the provided/described travel services. The Office reserves the right to modify the terms of the contract unilaterally either before departure or during the trip in case of emergencies or unavoidable situations, after informing the Customer.
    Our Office is not obliged to restore the execution of the program when its non-execution is due to:
    a.) Non-compliance of the Client with its legal obligations,
    b.) When the restoration is impossible,
    c.) Where the restoration involves disproportionate costs to the Office, taking into account the extent of the non-performance and the value of the travel services affected.
    Our Office may terminate the contract and refund to participants the full amount paid for the package, without the obligation to pay additional compensation, in the following cases:
    a.) If the number of registered persons for the package is less than the minimum number specified in the contract and our Office will notify the Customer of termination of the contract within the following deadlines:
    1.Twenty (20) days before the start of the package in case of trips lasting more than six (6) days.
    2. Seven (7) days before the start of the package in case of trips lasting between two (2) and six (6) days.
    3. Forty eight (48) hours before the start of the package in case of trips lasting less than two (2) days.
    b.) If our Office is not able to execute the contract due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and notifies the participants of the termination of the contract without undue delay before the start of the package.
    Following the conclusion of the contract, the prices can be increased only as a direct consequence of changes related to the following:
    a). The transport price of the participants as passengers resulting from the cost of fuel or other energy sources.
    b.) The level of taxes or charges on travel services covered by the contract imposed by third parties who are not directly involved in the execution of the package, including tourist taxes, airport taxes, boarding or disembarking fees at ports and airports
    c.) The exchange rates relating to the contract.
    The price increase, at a rate not exceeding eight (8%) percent of the total price of the package, is notified by our Office to the participants, calculated in detail in a clear, understandable and distinct way with its justification no later than twenty (20) days before the start of the package and is not a reason to cancel the trip.
    In case of price reduction, our Office has the right to deduct the actual administrative costs from the refund amount due to the Participants.
    The airlines have the sole control and responsibility for the performed air routes, and our office can not intervene and does not bear any responsibility for the changes that come from the airlines, for functional reasons in the types of aircraft, the flight schedule, intermediate stations, departure times, arrivals, etc., as well as for the selection of seat numbers and for any larger number of reservations than the number of aircraft seats (overbooking).|
  6.  HOTELS
    The category of hotels is in accordance with the tourist organization of the country to which they belong. However, as there is no single internationally accepted criterion for this situation, it makes sense for different hotels to differ, even if they belong to the same category. In some countries where the tourist infrastructure is mediocre, hotels offer mediocre amenities. These cases are mentioned in the description of the programs.
    The stay is usually in standard rooms. If the traveler paying the difference receives a single room, this in no way means that his room will be wider or in a better position. If you wish to have a double bed in a double room, you must tell us by registering. Our office will try to secure it, but it cannot guarantee its achievement. It is recommended to avoid triple rooms, which are usually doubles with the addition of a rollaway bed. The choice of rooms, floor, etc., is made by the hotel management alone, which is solely responsible for all services provided by the hotel (meals, room service, etc.).
    If it is impossible to guarantee the return of the participants, as agreed in the contract due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, our Office will bear the cost of the necessary accommodation, where an equivalent category is possible for a period not exceeding three (3) nights.
  7. COACH
    The seats on the bus change depending on the duration of the trip. The change is mandatory every day by all travelers without exception.
    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner takes place as a group during an organized tour.
    According to the EU and Greek legislation, we have insured the professional liability to cover the part of non-execution or improper execution of the contract, as well as for the return of the payments and the repatriation of the travelers in case of bankruptcy. The above professional liability insurance has nothing to do with travel insurance and does not cover accidents, health problems, etc.
    In any case, the Company before signing the contract of organized travel package, provides the traveler with all available information about optional or compulsory travel insurance, depending on the destination.
    The traveler must comply with national provisions and regulations as well as the instructions of the national authorities. Our office does not bear any responsibility in case of criminal prosecution, summons for presentation before the authority, arrest, ban on leaving Greece or entry into the country of destination / deportation, or sanction by the national authorities, and is not entitled to a refund.
    Other people also take part in the organized trip. Participation in it presupposes appropriate social behavior and understanding towards fellow travelers. For this reason it is necessary for the Traveler to comply with the travel plan and the instructions of the escorts or guides. The Traveler bears the responsibility of supervising and supervising the minor children that accompanies and bears the burden of responsibility for their actions, behavior and safety.
    The Traveler is obliged to arrive on time, at the gathering places for the various facilities of the program (flights, transfers, tours, excursions, meals, etc.). Delays and impunctuality on behalf of a traveller, resulting in the loss of a flight, excursion, transportation or other service, is tantamount to losing a refund for the service lost. In this case, the customer will have to reconnect with the team at his own risk and expense. The same applies in case the Traveler terminates the trip and the contract on his own initiative.
    The Traveler must be at the ports, stations and airports two (2) hours before departure unless there is some other specific provision. If there is no travel attendant, the Customer-Traveler must confirm on the spot his next flights or other itinerary. Customers-Travelers from other remote areas must arrive much earlier -preferably the day before- at the place of departure of the trip, in order not to be affected by any delay or strike of local means of transport. Any loss of the means of transport of the organized trip from such a delay implies the loss of the whole trip, in case it is not possible to reconnect with the rest of the group, without the right of refund.
    Every traveler is entitled to carry a piece of luggage weighing 23 kg and a hand luggage of 53cm. X 26cm. X 23cm and with max weight 8 kg. In case of damage or loss of luggage the airline will compensate the traveler according to the weight of the luggage and in no case our office, according to the Warsaw Pact, regardless of the value of the contents of the luggage.
    Marios Travel bears absolutely no responsibility for damage to loading and unloading by drivers / porters in any means of transport (coach, train, taxi, etc.).
  13. HEALTH
    Persons with reduced mobility, any accompanying persons, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and persons in need of special medical assistance must inform our Office no later than forty-eight (48) hours before the start of the package. Our Office will make every effort to serve special conditions, without being responsible in case it is not possible to carry out part of the program.
    Our office is not responsible for any illness, injury, loss of life, accident or other emergency health problem during the trip. In case of such an event, we will support the victim as much as possible, but we are not responsible for covering any costs (costs of hospital, doctors, medical care, family transfer, further stay, etc.). And because the rest of the travelers’ excursion must continue normally, the responsible leader cannot stay beyond reasonable limits – as these are imposed and determined by the need for the smooth continuation of the program of the other members of the team.
    The organized travel packages of the Company are covered by the insolvency of the Organizer through an active insurance policy, which includes the guarantee for possible repatriation of the travelers.
    Minors are considered unaccompanied when they are not accompanied by a parent or other authorized person while participating in an organized travel package. As a rule, the Company does not accept the participation of unaccompanied minors in the travel packages it organizes. In any case, if the participation of an unaccompanied minor is exceptionally allowed, in one of the travel packages of the Company, the latter undertakes to provide the Guardians of the minor with all available information for direct contact with the minor or the person who is responsible for the minor, at the place of residence of the latter.
    Any complaints should be reported to the tour leader who will try to satisfy your request. After the end of the trip, the Traveler must inform the Organizer without undue delay, taking into account the specific circumstances, regarding any non-compliance found during the execution of a travel service included in the package tour.
    Each Customer can terminate the contract at any time before the start of the package. If the Customer terminates the contract under the above provision, he must pay to our Office, a reasonable and justified termination fee, which is regulated based on the time of termination, the expected cost savings and the expected income from the case of alternative use of travel services:
    • For termination of the contract between thirty (30) to twenty (20) days before the date of departure, the charge for termination is set at thirty-five (35%) percent of the total cost of the contract.
    • For termination of the contract between nineteen (19) to six (6) days before the date of departure, the termination fee is set at fifty (50%) percent of the total cost of the contract.
    • For termination of the contract in the period between five (5) days until the date of departure, the termination fee is set at one hundred (100%) percent of the total cost of the contract.
    Our Office grants the right to each participant, in case of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, to assign the participation in the travel package to a third party, provided that all the necessary conditions for participation are met. This right can be exercised up to seven (7) days before the date of departure.
    Both the original participant and the third party (Transferee) are still jointly and severally liable for the payment of any outstanding balance from the cost of the package, as well as for any additional charges, charges or other costs arising from the assignment. which will be informed in detail by our Office.
    We receive and store the information you enter on our website or when you contact us. This includes information that may give you “personal information”, including your first and last name, telephone number, postal and e-mail address. In addition, in case of purchase, we keep the invoicing information.
    Marios Travel and the booking systems it uses do not store credit card data in a database. They use them only during and for the needs of completing the booking process.
    Marios Travel does not publish, disclose or disclose to third parties personal data of its website visitors and respects the confidentiality of their personal data and information.
    Marios Travel reserves the right to use the above personal data (name, phone, e-mail), in order to communicate with the visitors of its website / recipients of its services for the promotion of its products, while providing them with the right to delete from the list of recipients of similar future updates (newsletters) by declaring them to the online consent withdrawal service of the company that refers to any relevant electronic communication with you.The Counterparty has become aware of and accepts the Organizer’s personal data protection policy.