Our Team

Magdalene Grandiki - Athanasiadou

Mrs. Magdalene Grandiki – Athanasiadou, is the owner and director of Marios Travel Agency. A graduate of Business Administration (Technological and Professional Institute of Kavala) and a certified instructor of E.KE.PIS (National Centre of Certification for Continuing Professional Qualification), she has been in the tourism industry since 1988. Her vision and determination has propelled Marios Travel to a leading tour operating agency for religious and cultural destinations. A specialization in Orthodox Pilgrimages to the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine) proved of paramount importance to the success of our Agency. Mrs Magdalini has a deep religious orientation and holds close family ties with Holy Mount Athos and other prominent religious figures.

Marios - Sotirios Athanasiadis BA (Hons)

Proprietor & Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Marios – Sotirios Athanasiadis, is the managing director of Marios Travel. He has been awarded the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History by the Open University of the United Kingdom (OUUK), and has completed the course of “Archaeology of the Bible Lands (Online)“ by the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. He also holds the Standard Course Diploma of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Certificate of Proficiency in English by the University of Cambridge. His family environment, combined with his perseverance, people skills and love of learning, provide the necessary foundations for the continuing success and growth of Marios Travel Agency.

Chrysanthos Vrochidis MA, BA (Hons)

Business Development & Marketing Manager
Mr. Chrysanthos Vrochidis, is managing the business development and marketing side of the business. He has studied, lived and worked in the UK for 22 years. A Post Graduate in European Industrial Relations at Warwick Business School, and a graduate in Business Studies & Marketing at Middlesex University London he moved back to Greece a few years ago and never looked back ever since. His skills and enthusiasm combined with his professional experience acquired exclusively in the UK, contribute the utmost towards the goals and objectives of Marios Travel.

Sideris Avgoustis MA, BSc (Hons)

Reservations Manager & Tour Leader
Mr. Sideris Avgoustis is working in Reservations and has experience in the field since 2009. A Graduate of the Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, and a postgraduate in “Economic Sciences” from the National Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens. He is also IATA Certified, holder of the Cambridge Proficiency and participated in many tourism seminars and conferences. His love of travel combined with his experience, skills and abilities also make him an ideal Tour Leader.

Nikos Saltos BA (Hons)

Thessaloniki Representative & Tour Leader
Mr. Nikos Saltos works in the Reservations Department of our office, and also represents Marios Travel in Thessaloniki. He has experience within the Tourism Industry since 2004, in an Office Environment and as a Tour Guide. As an Guide he specializes in destinations such as the Holy Land, Istanbul, Asia Minor and the Balkans. He is a graduate of the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of the Aegean, Mytilene. Fluent in English and Turkish (B2 Level), accredited from IMHA-Thessaloniki & the University of Ankara, in Istanbul (TOMER).

Ioannis Loukas BA (Hons)

Italy Destination Manager & Tour Leader
Mr. Ioannis Loukas works in the planning and programming department of our office based in Athens, and is a travel expert in our neighboring Italy. He has a deep knowledge of the country, and has lived and studied in Italy.  Mr. Loukas is a graduate from the historical and archeological department of the Faculty of Philology and Philosophy of the Federico ll University of Naples. Since 1989, he is working as a full-time professional tour guide. He has always a solid focus to meet the travel expectations of clients, based on his professionalism and experience, but above all on his love for what he does.

Stella Enecheiloglou MA, BA (Hons)

Reservations & Office Administration
Miss Stella Enecheiloglou, holds a degree in Computer Engineering, Technological Education, and is the holder of the Distance Learning Postgraduate Education Program: “Organization and Management of Hotel and Tourist Units” of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Furthermore she holds a degree in English and German from Cambridge and Goethe Universities respectively. Has many years of experience in sales and customer service. Due to her love that she nurtures in the tourism sector, she has been trained and specialized in it in recent years.

Anna Haritidou MA, BA (Msc)

Haritidou Anna, is a graduate of the “Accounting & Finance” department of the TEI of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and holder of the Master’s program: “Accounting & Auditing” of the School of Economics and Management of the International University of Greece. She also holds a Proficiency in the English Language and has participated in educational seminars and conferences during her studies. Her knowledge and skills in the tourism sector, combined with her continuous training, established her in the reservations department of Marios Travel.

Lauretta Agaliou BA (Msc)

Lauretta Agaliou works in the reservations department of our office in Athens, with experience in tourism since 2014. She is a graduate of TEI Heraklion of Crete, Department of Tourism Business Management. With knowledge of four languages ​​(Greek, Albanian, Italian and English), previous experience in the field of Hotel Reservations and participations in Online Reservation Seminars, she is constantly developing , acquiring knowledge and expertise in the tourism sector.

Giorgos Bairaktaris

Accounting & Reservations Assistant
Giorgos Bairaktaris has started working in the field in tourist resorts and city hotels in the reservation department, in both Greece and Germany . He has knowledge of English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. He worked for a multinational cruise company as a manager for Greek speaking passengers thus further expanding his skills and knowledge on tourism.

Andreas Athanasopoulos

Tour Leader
Andreas Athanasopoulos is a graduate of the Evelpidon Military School and in 2020 he completed his military career successfully. Mr Andreas is also a graduate of the Interbranch War School as well as the National Defense School. He also holds a Proficiency degree in English. During his military career he served in various positions of authotity and has extensive experience in personnel management and organization. Him residing in Jerusalem, combined with his qualifications and knowledge, cast him as an ideal Tour Leader.