Pilgrim Tour to the Northeastern Greece

Pilgrim Tour
Northeastern Greece

From 10 to 17 July 2016, we at Marios Travel were honored to welcome His Eminence Metropolitan George of Paphos, Sister Agathe the Abbot of the Monastery Salamiotissis and their suite of faithful Cypriot pilgrims.

We had the blessing and joy to visit significant pilgrimage sites from Chalkidiki to Alexandroupolis and the island of Lemnos.

Highlights would be be the Step of Apostle Paul (Kavala) and the Baptism site of St. Lydia (near Philippi). The Monastery of  Ikosifinissa on Pangaion Hills (5th century AD) and the Church Panagia Kosmosotira in in Feres (12th century AD). The Monastery of St. John the Baptist-Forerunner in Serres (13th Century AD), the tomb of St. Paisios of Mount Athos in Souroti, and many others.

A hugely successful tour that combined the pious Christian pilgrimage alongside the admiration for the nature’s Devine creation…

St. Paul’s Steps

 One of the most important religious paths of interest in Greece is the “Steps of Apostle Paul.” St. Paul  didn’t belonged to the circle of 12 students of Christ. None the less an important figure in the Christian religion. It spread like no other Christianity and therefore named isapostolos and  “Apostle”.

As part of his travels for the spreading of Christianity, the Apostle Paul visited Greece, preaching the Gospel and the teaching ministry of Jesus. The journey of the Apostle Paul in Greece is a path that moves today not only the devout believer, and anyone who loves history.

The “Steps of Apostle Paul” passed by all parties and taught by the Apostle is an ideal combination of pilgrimage and tour some of the most beautiful places in Greece such as Kavala…

Kavala is a city that became world-renowned since the arrival of the democratic forces of the Roman Empire. The historic battle of Philippi and the arrival of the Apostle Paul, turned Kavala (named Neapolis at the time) the first European city to embrace Christianity. At Philippi the Apostole Paul baptized the first Christians on European soil.

In the Byzantine period Kavala was renamed to Christoupolis, due to theholy visitations of St Luke, Paul, Silas and Timothy.

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