Discover Greece… head to the north instead!

Northern Greece has been a crossroad of civilizations, and is littered with many cultural and historical remains and monuments.

Alexander the Great’s conquests that changed the world started from Northern Greece. The ensued Hellenistic period meant that Greek cultural influence and power reached the peak of its geographical expansion.

Christianity was introduced to Europe via Northern Greece with St. Paul establishing here the first Churches and conversions. In the succeeding Christian Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki was an important metropolis, and the second largest & wealthiest city.

History aside, in the northern parts of Greece you will discover areas of amazing beauty; golden beaches with crystal clear waters; natural reserves  & forests with unique vegetation; picturesque villages and stunning mountainous sights.

THESSALONIKI shutterstock_682913131
Undiscovered Greece
6 days

Magical North

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Undiscovered Greece
6 days

Northern Gems

ZAGOROHORIA VIKOS GORGE shutterstock_762727111
Undiscovered Greece
9 days

Grand North

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Undiscovered Greece
7 days

Cosmopolitan North

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