2017 Tours at the Holy Land & Sinai

2017 Tours
Holy Land & Sinai

The pilgrimages organized by Marios Travel in the Holy Land and Sinai during 2017 were all successfully completed and with the pilgrims’ spiritual faith renewed.

Our pilgrimage tours in the Holy Land, left the best memories to the participating pilgrims. We wish the Grace and the Blessing of the Holy Sepulcher to accompany them and their families.

We visited the Holy Land for all the great celebrations of Christianity. That included the Easter Feast, Christmas, the Feast of the Virgin Mary, the Great Feast of the World Exaltation of the Holy Cross and The Epiphany. We were also present for other feasts at Jerusalem and the God-Trodden of Mount Sinai.

Altogether we travelled thousands of pilgrims on a trekking journey rich in sacred memories and intense spiritual thrills. Emotions remained strong and mixed throughout our travels.

The palpation of the pilgrimages is a spiritual experience that is hard to describe. Pilgrimage theory is a foundation stone for a complete spiritual experience. Many holy pilgrimages and innumerable spiritual benefits from the approach of top moments of Christianity.

The centre of our blessed pilgrimages was the Holy Temple of the Resurrection. The pilgrimages included the Holy Sepulcher of Christ, the Horus of Calvary, the Cessation, and so on. We also visited all the other blessed places at which our Lord Jesus Christ blessed and vivisted. For instance, Bethlehem, Mount Tabor, Jordan River, Mount Sarandary, Jericho, Capernaum, Galilee and Samaria. We also visited other pilgrimages are associated with the forefathers of Christ (Prophetnaked David etc.). Finally we paid homage to other important Saints of the region (Tomb of St. George, Agios Savvas, Agios Gerasimos, Agios Theodosios etc.).

Last but not least, we also visited the Holy Monastery of Ag. Catherine in Mount Sinai (or Holy Monastery of the Godtrodden Mount Sinai as it is officially called). It is built on the outskirts of Mount Sinai, in the homonymous peninsula.
The Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to testimonies, it is considered the oldest Christian monastery in the world. Historically, the earliest evidence of the existence of monastic life in the area is from 381-384 AD. During  Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s reign, between 527 and 565, the monastery was erected at the point where Moses’ “burning brim” was located.

A glorious timeless presence..

Let us emphasize that the presence of the pilgrims is essentially a strengthening for the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The  Patriarchate continues its presence in the Holy Land for two millennia. Thus, a visit to the Patriarch of Jerusalem His Beatitude Theofilos III, could not be missed.

Also, in each of our pilgrimage trips, a Priest sent from Patriarchate carried out the Blessing of the water at the Jordan River where the pilgrim can choose to be symbolically babtised.

We wish all pilgrims, their families and all over the world that the joy and blessing of the Holy Sepulchre is to accompany them throughout their lives.

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