2nd Congress on Evidence Based Psychiatry, Kavala 28/6-1/7

2nd Congress on
Evidence Based Psychiatry
Kavala 28/6-1/7 2018

From the 28th June to the 1st of July 2018 we were in the pleasurable position to accommodate in Kavala a group of psychiatrists from Pakistan participating in the “2nd Congress on Evidence Based Psychiatry: From Research to Clinical Practice”.

Even though our time was limited, the group still had the opportunity to get to visit Kavala, Thessaloniki and Athens as well as and the islands of Argosaronikos (Hydra, Poros and Spetses).

We had the chance to get a cultural glimpse of Greece from North to the South and get acquainted with the local cuisine and delicacies of Northern Greece; while we also had some halal food in Athens.

We at Marios Travel take pride in our services and aim to make the travelers feel safe, comfortable and care free to enjoy and absorb this great destination. It is one of our goals to promote the cultural heritage and beauty of Greece as well as give the opportunity to the traveler to discover and explore the less known aspects of Greece.

Thank you for choosing Marios Travel and hope to see you back for some more authentic Greek experiences…

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