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Diversity should be northern Greece’s second name – the region stretches across more cultures and terrains than any other in the country. Mighty civilisations have left traces here and this is nowhere more apparent than in Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki.

In the northern part of Greece you will discover areas of amazing beauty. There is so much to see… famous cities such as Kavala, Veria, Ioannina;  important archaeological sites such as Dion, Vergina, Pella and Philippi;  crystal clear waters, picturesque villages and stunning mountainous sights.


Port city Kavala, often used as a gateway to the northeastern Aegean Islands, is hitting its stride as a destination in its own right. Kavala, onve known as “the mecca of tobacco” is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and a vibrant centre of Hellenic and European Cultural Heritage that teems with history.


Thessaloniki is easy to fall in love with – it has beauty, chaos, history and culture, a remarkable cuisine and wonderful, vast sea views. The traditional neighbourhoods are little worlds unto themselves, and when you climb up to the Byzantine walls and take in the whole of Thessaloniki at sunset, you see what a sprawling, organic city it is as Old and new cohabit wonderfully.


Ioannina is one of Northern Greece’s most atmospheric cities. It is set on the shore of Lake Pamvotis, and framed by animpressive mountain range. The walls of the Kastro enclose an atmospheric, tranquil old quarter, and the lakeside area is lined by opulent plane trees that let in dappled afternoon sunlight. Together with jutting minarets, the fantastic fortress and the unique appeal of To Nisi, Ioannina makes a beautiful place to spend at least a couple of days.


Zagorohoria is one of Northern Greece’s most attractive, mysterious and unexplored regions. A true must-see-to-believe experience, with 46 traditional stone & slate built villages, tucked into the Pindos mountain range. If you like silence, quality hiking and breathtaking nature, plus glorious mountain views at each turn, then this is the place for you!


The Pelion Peninsula is formed by a dramatic mountain range and cliffs that plunge into the sea. A green wonderland where trees heavy with fruit vie with wild olive groves and forests of horse chestnut, oak, walnut, fir and beech to reach the light of day. In Greek mythology, the Pelion was the summer home of the 12 gods of Mt Olympus.


Known as Iolkos in Ancient Greece, Volos was the mythical home of Jason and his band of Argonauts and of course the starting pooint of thie famous “Golden Fleece” adveture. These days, Volos is a gorgeous  large and bustling university city on the northern shores of the Pagasitikos Gulf, and its function as the gateway to the Pelion Peninsula and the Sporades draws travellers to the city.

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