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During your holidays in Greece you will have the opportunity to discover various and enjoyable ways, for your free time. Traditional market areas but also famous fashion labels are offered for shopping; wellness and spa centers for luxury time; traditional restaurants, “tavernas” or café by the sea or in the mountain; outdoor and water activities; cinemas and theaters are all able to satisfy all trends, hobbies and desires whether you are in the mainland or on an  island.

Greece is famous for its especially intense and multifaceted nightlife, which is not restricted to the weekends. Different and more liberated compared to  other European countries, the fun lasts until the early hours of the morning.


Halkidiki in Greece is best known as a playground for the summer holiday crowd. There are gleaming beach resorts, seafood tavernas steps  away from the shore, and the air is scented with ouzo and sunscreen.


Still recognisable as the idyllic refuge where the shipwrecked Odysseus was soothed and sent on his way home, Corfu continues to welcome weary travellers with its lush scenery, bountiful produce and pristine beaches.

Sporades (Skiathos, Skopoelos, Allonisos)

The Sporades islands remain largely off the beaten island path. Skiathos, definitley the most developed, claims the sandiest beaches in the Aegean. Low-key Skopelos kicks back with a postcard-worthy harbour and forest meadows, while remote Alonnisos anchors a national marine park.


One of Greece’s greenest and most gentle islands, Thasos lies just 10km from mainland Kavala. Its climate and vegetation make it seem like an extension of northern Greece, yet it boasts enviable golden sandy beaches and a forested mountain interior.

Argosaronikos (Poros, Hydra, Angistri, Spetses, Aegina)

The Saronic Gulf Islands dot the waters nearest Athens and offer a fast track to Greek island life. As with all Greek islands, each of the Saronics has a unique feel and culture. Feel as free as you wish and hop between classical heritage, resort beaches, exquisite architecture and remote escapism.


Little wonder that the ancient Greek gods chose the Pelion – home of the Centaurs  – as the place for their weddings and celebrations; for here is a near-perfect synthesis of mountain, forest and sea. The peninsula is covered with pine, oak, fir, plane and chestnut. Pelion’s preserved mountain villages are clinging to wooded slopes high above the sea and are amongst the most beautiful in Greece.

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