Church of Greece – A visit at the Holy Land

Church of Greece
A visit at the Holy Land

Church of Greece – A visit at the Holy Land

The pilgrimage trip to the Holy Land was held with great success from 21 to 25 February 2017.

This pilgrimage tour took place in collaboration with the Synodical Office of Pilgrimage Tours of the Church of Greece. Fathers and other respected figures from different parts of Greece made up for the pilgrims.

Head of the pilgrimage was his Eminence Chrysostomos from Metropolitan of the Dodoni (President). Particularly contributing to the event was the Archbishop of Athens, Mr. Spyridon Katramados (Secretary) and Mr. George Kourtis (Member).

Our short in duration pilgrimage journey began with a reverential pilgrimage to the Panagia Temple of the Resurrection. There we were very impressed with the result of the conservation and restoration work that took place.
Our visit there was followed by cordial meeting with the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilus III, where issues of mutual interest were discussed.

The journey continued with the established Blessing on the Jordan River. Followed by a moving pilgrimage to the Theotorical Monument in Gethsemane and the Holy Cave of the Nativity of Christ.
During our five-day stay, we worshiped the Temple of the Annunciation in Nazareth. We also visited the Holy Temple of the Transfiguration of the Savior on the Mount Tabor, the Holy Lavra of Ag. Sabbath of the Sanctuary, the Holy Monastery of St. Theodosius of the Parisharch, the Holy Monastery of the Shepherds, as well as the Mount of Olives and Zion.

A visit to the Metropolis of Nazareth was held and a cordial meeting with the Metropolitan Bishop Kyriakos took place. We also met with His Eminence Archbishop of Jordan Mr. Theophilatos, who offered us a fabulous dinner. We also with his Eminence Mr. Ioakim from the Metropolitan of Elenioupolis.


More Activities

A delegation of the Church of Greece, following the request of the Patriarch, held a formal meeting at the Ministry of Tourism of Israel.
There we met with the Director of Tourism and Tourism Development, Mrs. Elana Drori; the Director of the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, Mr. Hagit Ringel; and the Director for Tourist Assistance Nancy Shedlaz.
Gratitude was expressed to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism for the protection and security provided by the State of Israel to the Holy Brotherhood and to His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Mr. Theophilos. Other issues were discussed extensively, focusing on the facilitation of pilgrimage groups from Greece visiting the Holy Land.
Marios Travel, warmly thanks Aegean Airlines for its kind sponsorship. This was a common observation of all attendees and especially of the Patriarch, who referred extensively to the great offer of Aegean Ailines.

We thank the Synodal Office of Pilgrimage Tours of the Church of Greece. The President, Honorable Mr. Chrysostomos, the Secretary, the Archbishop of Athens, Mr. Spyridon Katramados, Mr. George Kourtis, member. As well as all the fathers who accepted the invitation and took part in this short day of familiarization.

A thank you also to the Shepherds House Hotel, the transportation companies and all our partners who have made the most of the trip, and all who contributed to its successful realization.

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