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Marios Travel, has been established in 1988 by Mrs Magdalini Athanasiadou.

Certain attributes, such as excellent quality and customer service proved to be a cornerstone for the expansion of our office in the area of tour-operating to a wealth of destinations all around the globe.

We are working hard and are determined to stay on top of new trends and innovations in the incoming tourism industry. We are also focused on developing and establishing further business relationships and contacts through a series of important meetings and new partnerships and we are certain that we will be able to promote Greece to an even wider international audience.

Due to its geographical location, Greece is a crossroad of civilizations. As result we are in the position to offer incoming Historical, Cultural and Religious tour packages that literally travel the participants through the stillness of time.

Greece’s vast north is unmatched for geographical, cultural and even culinary diversity. Here, great stretches of mountains, lakes, forest and coastline remain to be discovered. Hence, we developed Tours focusing on Undiscovered Greece. Myriad Ancient and Byzantine monuments, fortresses, churches and mosques attest the impact of all the different cultures over the centuries and remain to be explored.

Activities, depending on your location and the time of year, and can include walking, climbing, water sports, diving, sailing, fishing, flying, golf, horse riding, bowling, gymnastics and dance classes. Greece is a Leisure Holiday paradise with unlimited options enabling you to absorb the culture and the sun. Greece offers unparallel locations and unique surrounding that are escorted by great facilities and infrastructure. All year around there’s something on offer for everyone..

Marios Travel Agency, during its 30 years of presence, offered its services to thousands of travellers and has organized trips to numerous destinations. We are also extremely pleased to announce that we have established a Marios Travel branch in Athens city-centre aiming to provide better service to colleagues and clients alike.

We are in the privileged position to offer inclusive and competitive tailor-made packages based on our extensive experience, a deep knowledge of our industry and our customers’ needs. Therefore we are in the place to combine Greece with Italy, Israel, Egypt and Cyprus in a long-haul touring alternative exploring the Mediterranean Basin from religious, historical and cultural viewpoints.

Whether it is to quench your religious thirst through our Pilgrimage tours, or to visit the world heritage monuments; whether it is to admire natural wonders or simply break away from the daily routine, we at Marios Travel are ready to make all your dreams come true…

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